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Bachpan, a play school, 97/118, Navratan Complex, Bedla road, Fatehpura, Udaipur
Rajsamand - 313001
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Bachpan…a play school
“India ka favorite play school”
It is now a well-established fact that the competence of a preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child's early developmental years. It is this segment of Early Childhood Learning and Development that BACHPAN.. a play school caters to.

As the words itself suggests, Bachpan refers to early childhood and Play school education is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature. We, at BACHPAN, realize that the child's time spent with us is vital to initiate his/her intellectual and spiritual growth. We make a sincere effort in ensuring that the quality of Preschool Education is upheld across each of our branches through enrolling the best and most experienced Educators and employing the most innovative teaching aids, both classroom-study and outdoor-activities based.

We pride ourselves on the fact that within a span of 10 years our network of branches has grown to more than 1000, which in itself is an Education segment benchmark. However, we have made sure that our expansion hasn't come at the cost of making compromises on the quality of our Play school programme and this is what has helped achieve an enviable reputation as the nation's leading chain of Play schools.

Our kindergarten curriculum is remarkable because it has neither alienated the understanding of Indian values and social structure nor does it blindly follow the American/Montessori method of preschool education. We have created a teaching programme that retains Indian culture in its core but is adapted and instructed in such a manner that it is at par and, perhaps, even better than most international preschool education formats.


for the pedagogy.

Based on thorough research done on national & international teaching methodologies, which are truly experimented & proved, we follow unique teaching techniques that include several activities for learning while having fun. At Bachpan, our corporate teams along with our schools are dedicated to ensure that our students are provided an environment that is most conducive to catalyze the child's physical, cerebral, emotional and social development. The group of renowned educationists who make sure that every aspect of preschool education is taken care of, powers the strength of Bachpan along with vastly researched curriculum, excellent infrastructure and a teaching methodology that is at par with international standards. The most crucial and defining factors of Bachpan concerning the competency among many preschool presenters are:

Concept Rooms: Concept rooms at Bachpan like Art & Craft Room, Gym Room, Doll Room, A/V room etc. helps our students to learn different concepts based on activities conducted specifically in these rooms.

Prismart: The smart class that is uniquely designed mapping 100% content of the preschool syllabus is based on 3D HD interactive modules to get into the depth of topics covered in the classroom.

Speak-O-Book & Pen: It is a set of a pen & books that are uniquely design to speak. It is a advance technology developed for making our students self-capable of learning by listening & repeating. These Books are technically printed in a way that the pen along can read the images, lessons, exercises etc. with rhymes & music just by tapping on the book’s pages with the pen.

We believe that children should not be limited in finding their true potential. When they are open to new ideas and experiences, they can create anything in their lives. Considering the different scopes & techniques of learning, our curriculum is made to help our students realize his/her own capabilities, developing a sense of self-worth, becoming confident of showcasing his/her skills & expressing the same.

In a very short duration after establishment, Bachpan has marked its name nationwide with over 1000+ branches. This is sufficient to prove the continuing success of our brand in the playschool education segment that requires no introduction ahead. The smiles of our student’s parents are the testaments of the level of satisfaction they get at Bachpan School for their child. Thus, it is not through blatant self-promotion that we claim to be among the best play schools. We associate success & other lifetime skills in the child’s upbringing right from the preschool years, which not only keep promoting them as a good student but also help them inculcate the qualities of a future leader & above all a good human.

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