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Positive parenting strategies

My daughter sleeps instantly the minute I open my mouth to sing my signature lullaby tune, which I h...

Positive parenting strategies

My daughter sleeps instantly the minute I open my mouth to sing my signature lullaby tune, which I have mastered with a careful practice of years, god knows, how many. This is what I proudly call, a legacy of love that is handed down to me from past so many generations.  Although I found it monotonous and tiresome to repeat the tunes, she, fortunately, loves every minute that she spent listening to my voice.  I have felt intrigued about this phenomenon and I wonder if my voice has a say here.  I am a bathroom singer and by no means sound mellifluous and soothing.  I have received numerous friendly warnings from a handful of earnest friends that are left, with me, no matter what, that my voice has a painfully grating effect on human ears and I need to be doubly careful while singing lullabies.  I was advised to practice lullabies in isolation and then try them out carefully one by one on my baby. Anyway, I like my daughter for supporting and encouraging me nonverbally with her listening. 


I spend a lot of my time talking to my child, with her on my lap, reciprocate her sweet gibberish with my soft whispers, reaffirm and reassure her with my words and warm hugs.  Leisure slot during the daytime is meant usually for reading books, a habit I have grown up with, which after the arrival of my child, has changed drastically. My shelves are stacked with books on toddler care, parenting, and motherhood and occasional browsing keep me updated and aware of many issues that plague the new mother in the initial stages. 


Playtimes especially bring the best out of both of us, except for some brief spells of time, wherein she throws me off balance, with her sudden shift, from smiling to scowling, when she pulls a sudden grumpy sullen face, which is when my instincts alert me with a red signal.  I stop temporarily, capers and fun, and all that, and take instant charge as a loving understanding super mommy, indulging her with some sweets, relieving Koochikoos, and some toys that make a truly grating noise, according to me, and she slowly slips back to her elements and her engaging capers.  The joy and comfort that she and I feel, together, with her in my arms, the routine swaddling sessions that follow, the relief and rejuvenation, and pure exhilaration that feels out of this world, something that I am left with, to explore, for the latter stretch of my lifetime, and it indeed, feels like a hopeless whirl of motherhood that I am caught up with, with no point of return. Probably things will change and my daughter will grow up to look steadily in my eyes, to outwit me, and stop me from calling her by her numerous nicknames, which I have lovingly coined for her, at every stage of her growth into a fine little girl. I talk straight out of my experience.


I, in the meanwhile, snatch some time out of my schedule with my child, whenever she allows, only to pamper my spirits and metabolism with a session or two of brisk aerobic exercises that can hopefully keep me in good physical and mental shape.


Bringing up a child is a no-nonsense business, both in the early stages as well as the entire span of your life.  Parenting and growing up can be a heartbreaking business for both you and your daughter.  Your daughter is your child, who needs you at every step of her way, be it as a child, or in youth, or in middle age, and if you are lucky to grow old together, in old age.


Reverie apart, my aunt who is a pediatrician visited us just yesterday.  It was truly a blessing in disguise.  With her around, especially after the birth of my child, I feel like a guinea pig in an observatory, as she silently observes me at every step, of my parenting exercise.  Thankfully, this time, my aunt, had few comforting words of wisdom to tell me.  The parenting lessons we inherit from yesteryear parents, who are now grannies to our children, are invaluable and excellent pointers and research materials for counselors to contemplate on. According to her, they are age-old, tried, tested and all-time lessons in positive parenting which are now advocated by prominent pediatricians and thinkers in this field. Anyway, nothing beats the wisdom that comes out of an experience.


Thankfully, the lessons learned were never meant to fail their purpose and have stood me in good stead.  As if to prove this point, and as a result of my painstaking efforts, my daughter is showing good progress with respect to her developmental milestones, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Growing up with your child indeed is rewarding, although it can be more time and energy consuming.  Let us spare the rod and spoil the child.  Let us try the positive disciplining techniques, and let the rising generation of today bloom into happy and self-assured adults of tomorrow so that they carry on this tradition and legacy that was handed down to them.

Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

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