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How to prepare your toddler fo...

Your toddler joining preschool is a major milestone in life, you and your child must be going throug...

How to prepare your toddler for preschool

Your toddler joining preschool is a major milestone in life, you and your child must be going through mixed emotions. At one hand you must be excited that your little baby is stepping into the big world and will make new friends, learn so many interesting things and on the other hand there's a slight jitteriness about how they are going to manage in preschool without you. So here's a list of helpful tips to prepare yourself and your child for preschool.

#1 Practice separation

Start with practicing separation for a while before the school actually start. Try leaving your kid with his grandparents or arrange play dates for him with other preschoolers so that you both know he'll be fine without you.

#2 Shopping for school

Go out shopping for the school supplies with your kid and let them choose their school bag, lunch box, water bottles and stationary. This will build up the excitement of school in your child and they'll look forward to the big day. Let them also pick out their dress for next day, the night before.

 #3 Keep calm

Keeping a happy face in front of your kid is most important even if anxiety is eating you up inside! Kids catch the emotion very quickly so try not to look sad or worried.

 #4 Pack a familiar item/food

You can pack a piece of home in a way by packing in a comfort object like any toy which your child loves and will feel comfortable and at home with it. Also try to pack in their favorite food item in the lunchbox, which will make them feel happy.

#5 Set a routine

Start by adjusting your child's sleeping and eating routine so that they get enough sleep and rise fresh in the morning. Make enough time for everything in the morning, plan accordingly for you don't want your anxious little kid to leave the breakfast in between because you both have to reach school in time.

 #6 Keep good-byes short and celebrate at pick up

Don't hover around much even if you have time as this will make the separation even more painful for your kid. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet, give them a hug, tell them that you'll be back on time to pick them up and leave quickly after that. Congratulate them for completing the day without you and tell them how proud you are to keep the enthusiasm going.


Just remember that overcoming the separation anxiety and adjusting to school comes gradually and every child takes their own time. It's normal for kids to have a meltdown when it's time for you to leave so be brave in front of them(mommies, you can cry when alone!). Be patient, some simple before hand preparations can make this big transition in your lives very smooth and in no time your little student will start to love his school.

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