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How to engage kids in monsoon

Monsoons are the most welcome weather change after the scorching heat in the summers. For us adults,...

How to engage kids in monsoon

Monsoons are the most welcome weather change after the scorching heat in the summers. For us adults, it's the season of sipping hot tea/coffee with some mouth-watering snacks while sitting on our balcony/porch and enjoying the rains. While adults enjoy the weather, it can rather be a very boring and dull season for our kids as they get house-arrested and don't get much chance to go out and play. Keeping our little devils entertained while they are at home is a big challenge for all the mommies! So here's a list of engaging activities for your little one and with these, you can create monsoon magic and make staying indoors fun for your kids!!


Encourage your kids to enhance their creative skills and indulge in paper craft and finger painting. Kids can make bookmarks, greeting cards etc. You can even introduce them to origami. Help them make puppets from old socks and stir up a story then let your kids narrate that story through puppets in a get-together, to their friends. This will also hone their performing skills.


There's a wide variety of indoor games like ludo, snakes & ladders, monopoly, scrabble and a whole lot of board games, card games, carrom etc. Building blocks are also very interesting kind of open end play and your kids can spend hours creating new imaginative things. They can also have fun by playing team games like dumb charades, pictionary, puzzles etc.


Reading is a habit which we should inculcate in our kids from childhood and what better time than this,  when kids are looking for things to do. Introduce them to the world of books and they'll always be grateful to you. Reading is such an informative, fun and enriching activity. Give them interesting books or even comics to read.


Kids are always fascinated with cooking, so this monsoon let them enter your kitchen and help you with food preparation. You can also make them try fireless recipes like sandwiches, milkshakes, salads, or they can even help you in rolling chapatis.You can also explain the health benefits of different vegetables and fruits to them and encourage them to eat healthy. Baking is another form of cooking which is even more interesting for kids. Baking cookies, cupcakes etc and then decorating them will fill your kids with so much joy.


Who doesn't like to watch movies and that too animated or kids movies are so much fun! So transform your living room into a movie hall, grab some popcorn and get going on a movie marathon with you kids.

With these fun-filled activities, there will never be a dull moment. Join your kids and relive your childhood. What's more, you can always take them out to play in the rains, just be careful about bathing them with disinfectant soap afterward, so that they are safe from all the diseases. Moreover, these are just some suggestions, use your own ideas too and make this season fun filled and memorable!

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