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Dress your child right

Children are the greatest wonders of your world, the lovely gifts that Mother Nature gave you for sa...

Dress your child right

Children are the greatest wonders of your world, the lovely gifts that Mother Nature gave you for safeguarding for the rest of your entire life. Swaddling a baby inside a snug blanket between your arms sets off a burst of irrepressible emotions. Our teensy weensy creatures, fallen straight from some mysterious part of heaven, and ensconced in our laps, can surely make our world go round. They change our way of life and our world within,


A toddler, bundled up in layers of clothes, is a joy to behold. A mother finds instinctive pleasure in decking up her child in myriad ways. She can effortlessly choose the right clothing for her child, be it summer or winter.


Who would not love to see our toddlers all dressed up in a cute pair of pajamas? Capturing moments with them on camera will be really worth the effort if your baby looks winsome in a cute dress. A pajama is a good option to consider as these fit them snugly and comfortably. However, take care and ensure that they are flame resistant and, tight-fitting as loose pajamas can easily catch fire in case of an accidental fire break out. It is always safe to check the label before purchasing clothes for your toddler.  It is a wise idea to invest in cotton as it not only feels soft with breathe easy texture but also regulates the body temperature when he is asleep.


Wonder why new clothing looks and feels very crisp? Blame it all on chemicals which are applied to them. Wash thoroughly before you wear to avoid any unnecessary skin damage. Check for any embroidery or decorations such as dangling loops pleats and threads around the collar of the dress.  Neck rashes are generally caused due to this. Using drawstrings on neck and waistbands is risky as it can strangulate your child while playing around your living room furniture.  Clothes with bows buttons and hooks are a no-no as they can make your baby vulnerable to choking risks, Unbuttoning usually takes longer and some toddlers may find it unusually irritating and tiresome.


Overalls are difficult to unfasten usually and hence should be avoided; Stretchy elastic pants are also good alternatives that cater to your kid’s requirements.


Babies get unusually cranky when it is time to change the diapers. So dresses should be chosen with an eye on this as well.  Soft textured organic fabrics with their velvety and soft feel usually drape well and cling snugly to the tender skin of the toddler.  These are also an ideal choice for the babies with extra tender and sensitive skins.  Tagless organic cloth with information printed on the back of the neck may cause skin allergies and irritation.


Babies show an astonishingly rapid rise in height and weight during the first year of their birth. With these sudden and rapid growth spurts, it would be next to impossible to select the right sized clothes that fit. Also, It pays to have a smaller wardrobe given his rapid growth. 


Clothes with zip on the front can unfasten easily and can assist the mother in changing baby diapers with ease.


Avoid clothes that bind tightly around arms or neck. Premature babies, being usually underweight, do not generally tolerate temperature fluctuations well. They have to be wrapped in an additional layer of clothing till they reach the required weight and learn to tolerate the changes in temperature.


Cold weathers are usually a challenge when it comes to choosing right kind of clothes. Your child needs snug layers of protective covering at this time.  You could use a combination of undershirt and diapers with pajamas to help him feel comfortable. A sleep sack is not entirely a bad idea here.


Hot weather calls for minimal clothing, where you can afford to drape your baby in a single layer of clothing,


There is yet another viable option, with respect to the choice of clothes, that is eternally in vogue, and available at every shop, for the daily needs. Don’t go much farther than the lovely newborn one-pieces, if you are on a genuine look out for day and nightwear. One piece can be zipped open or closed and is available with short and long sleeves to ensure maximum wearing comfort.  For sleep-deprived moms, with symptoms of severe exhaustion, this comes in as a great relief.  


The best gift for a baby would be to offer him the snug warmth of baby caps, that fits loosely on the head, with enough room for air, and to let him feel the cosy comfort throughout the freezing night, Caps and socks are steadfast companions for the newborns till they outgrow their use for them. Excessive heat loss and discomfort due to cold weather can be avoided by using a cap that comes in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Cotton caps with designed envelope necks support the baby’s head comfortably.


You can think of booties, as the next best alternatives for socks, to serve his nighttime needs during colder weather. This ensures that your little one’s toes are covered completely without leaving room for mosquito bites.


Some people prefer the footed pants that add an additional layer to the feet. Once the baby outgrows that, they lose their utility and relevance.


A sleeping gown is a wonderful night time wear that can mitigate the hassles of night time diaper change.. Handcuffs in sleeping gowns apparently prevent the baby from scratching his face. 


A white bodysuit, which is nothing but a baby petticoat, helps as a protective layer during winter.   During summer, it can double up as a basic top to match with leggings.


To make it economically viable, you can shop and bargain on some online shopping sites, where you can find dresses in a plethora of designs and sizes that are an exact match for your baby’s requirements. 


Photo by michael podger on Unsplash

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